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How to Get a Mica Through Marriage

If you are an American citizen and want to ask your partner, there are different ways to ask for it depending on where they reside. This article will focus on couples currently living in the United States. When an American citizen asks for his or her partner, there is always a visa available for his […]

How to get a Mica if your Husband mistreats you?

Once your spouse (husband or wife): Did he threaten to hit you or your children? Is violence physical? – Has he hit you, punched you and / or slapped you? Have you pushed or hurt you or your children in any other way? Have you abused you emotionally? – Does this usually happen with insults […]

Who qualifies for provisional I-601A forgiveness?

The provisional exemption for illegal presence is better known as the I-601A provisional pardon. The people who need this forgiveness are the ones who accumulated illegal presence in the following way: If you came to the United States without documents and have stayed here for more than 6 months. If you arrived in the United […]