How to Get a Mica Through Marriage

How to Get a Mica Through Marriage

If you are an American citizen and want to ask your partner, there are different ways to ask for it depending on where they reside. This article will focus on couples currently living in the United States.

When an American citizen asks for his or her partner, there is always a visa available for his or her partner since he or she is considered an immediate family member. This means that the family petition can be submitted to your partner and at the same time the adjustment of status petition is submitted. obtain permanent residence – what is commonly known as mica.This petition can only be submitted in the United States.When the request for the mica is being made by an American embassy or consulate in another country, it is called the consular process

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To be able to submit the petition with adjustment of status, it is necessary that your partner qualify. The only people who can submit the adjustment of status are those who entered the United States legally with either a tourist visa or a temporary residence permit (parole). ), or if a family member submitted a petition to them before April 2001. The way to enter the United States is an extremely important factor since the American government penalizes all those who entered without being inspected in an entry booth. therefore, people who entered “illegally” can not make an adjustment of status unless they have a pending petition that was submitted before April 2001. onesafe pc cleaner gratis

If your partner entered the United States “legally” and married an American citizen, the family petition can be filed with the petition for the mica. At the same time, a petition is submitted for work authorization while you obtain your mica.With work permit, your partner can get a social security number and driver’s license. It is very important that the forms are filled out properly because when mistakes are made, your information may go incorrect.

Currently, the average time to complete an adjustment of status is more than one year. This time is when the request is submitted until the interview is held. In the interview of your adjustment, the immigration officer will make them questions about all the information they submitted on their forms. Also, since the petition is through marriage, they will question their courtship, marriage, and their intimate and personal lives. All marriages that are less than 2 years old are married on the day of the marriage. interview, they will be given a conditional residency for 2 years. Before the 2 years have to make sure to remove the conditions and also have to establish again that their marriage was based in good faith and not for the purpose of receiving a mica.

This migratory process tends to be long, complicated, and stressful. Lawyer Yunuen Mora of Cross Border Lawyer has submitted and represented innumerable cases of successful adjustment of status. She will be able to represent them from the beginning, explain the process to them, and answer all their doubts in the journey. She will also prepare you for the interview and accompany you in the interview.